Decca's innovative vision in an ever-evolving market

25 October 2022

Decca Wiper has been making the world's seas safe and visible for thirty years. We sail with the innovative demands of an ever-evolving market: in addition to our excellent wiper and marine parts services, we develop our products with certified added value.


Decca Wiper is a specialist in the design, manufacture, and supply of straight-line wiper systems. They are located in Bergen, Norway and serve a global customer base. Decca is known for their systems in the commercial marine market. Since February 2022, Exalto Wiper Technologies is the new owner of Decca Wiper. They complement Exalto Wiper Technologies' product portfolio, leading to further market expansion. Exalto's expertise and experience in the wiper industry aligns perfectly with Decca Wiper: taking joint services to the next level!

Broad experience

Roy Åge has been part of the Decca Wiper team for a year now. Initially as operating manager, he now fulfils the role of sales & marketing manager. “In my first period there was a lot on my plate. At the same time, I learned a lot about wipers during that period. I already had extensive experience in the maritime sector and in the oil industry, but no specific experience with wipers.”


“By entering into the combination of Decca Wiper with Exalto Wiper Technologies, we want to take a step further into the market. To make that step, we need to develop our products to the next level. Many clients demand certifications. We have developed good products over the past 30 years. With the help of the research and development expertise at Exalto Wiper Technologies, we are moving towards certifying our quality products!”


In their workday, Decca Wiper focuses on delivering quality as well as service! Roy: “Delivering a quality product is only part of a good business relationship. We support our customers with high-quality products, but also with fast delivery, competitive prices and good customer service." Roy continues: "I visit existing and new customers. I try to determine what the market needs. What is the synergy with Decca Wiper? Why do they choose us? Although the market is satisfied with our wipers today, the near future requires certified wipers.”


Roy concludes, “That goal is a time-consuming process! Our vision is to keep developing quality products and to keep the seas safe and visible. The added value is that, in cooperation with Exalto Wipers Technologies, we are now taking the step towards the certification of those quality products!”

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