Decca Wiper thinks ahead after relocation!

2 January 2023

move to new premises

In view of our ambition to grow, combined with the acquisition by Exalto Wiper Technologies, we have moved to new premises. Our new premises offer more space, and we have better control over all stages of our operations. Although, it was ‘only’ to the other side of the fence, the move was hectic.


“Literally a small step to the new premises, but a big step for the developments we have in mind,” says Roy Äge Tuv. The sales & marketing manager talks about the move and intended changes.

Easy to find

Roy: “Although we have a new address, people can find us in pretty much the same place as before. The internet connections have been arranged, and the meeting space has been set up. Next week, when the CEO visits, we aim to be fully settled in.”

Equipped with all modern conveniences

“On the second floor is the spacious meeting room, equipped with all modern conveniences,” Roy continues. “Moreover, we welcome our guests on that floor. A welcoming space with sofas, where we welcome our guests in a relaxed manner.” Roy: “Other features are the large offices and the beautiful kitchen. This is where we start our days. So, the coffee machine was one of the first items we moved. However, the ground floor is the heart of our new premise. This is where the production starts, continues and expands!”

Implementing growth ambitions

“The moving operation started on Thursday and meant that we were barely operational,” Roy says. “It was a hectic but fun move. The atmosphere was optimistic, and we handled it as a team! I do think it’s a relief that this is behind us. We can now really focus on carrying out our ambitions. For instance, the emphasis we can put on research and development since merging with Exalto Wiper Technologies!”

new office Decca Wiper   new location Decca Wiper
colleagues Decca Wiper

We celebrated our relocation with a nice diner with some of our Norwegian colleagues and our Dutch managing director Fons Miltenburg. From left to right on the photo: Kay Bödder, Roy Åge Tuv, Bjørn Erik and Fons.

We would like to welcome you at our new location on Idrettsvegen 113
5353 Straume NO - Norway. Let’s talk about the future there!

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