'Never change a winning team!'

1 November 2022

Ronald Brastad

Aas Mek Verksted is a shipyard in Vestnes, Norway. They build fishing vessels and seven years ago they became a customer of Decca Wiper. To their complete satisfaction, says Ronald Brastad, responsible for purchasing at the family business!


“Seven years already,” says Ronald. "That means that the last 12 ships we have built have been equipped with Decca wipers."


The yard specialises in building so-called Wellboats. These are fishing vessels with a well or tank, for storing and transporting live fish. Ronald: “We do not build our vessels on commission. We deliver two vessels a year, which are very similar. Sølvtrans is the largest live salmon and trout transport company in the world. It is also a Norwegian company, and they are our biggest customer.”

Traditional system

“The reason we started using Decca Wipers on our ships,” Ronald continues, “is because they produce a traditional system of wipers. We noticed a need for this among skippers, also due to the use of traditional controllers. Because our ships are very similar, we use the same system from Decca Wiper a lot.”

Standard high quality

Ronald: “We are very satisfied with the cooperation. My contacts are through my regular contact person, Roy Åge. They know how to deal well with global delivery problems, and they deliver good value for money. The wipers are very functional and of standard high quality. We see no reason to change suppliers: never change a winning team!”

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