Reaffirming market position with revolutionary wiper

4  April 2024

Decca Wiper - CEO Fons

Decca Wiper, based in Bergen, Norway, has been part of the Exalto Group since January 2022. Since then, Fons Miltenburg has been our acting CEO. He explains what strategic goals we have in mind. And how and when we intend to achieve them.


Fons: “Decca's straight-line wiper is a widely acclaimed quality product! Users on the high seas rave about Decca Wiper's robustness and good service.”

Straight line wiper

“We are developing a straight-line wiper that is at least equivalent in quality and also meets all set legal requirements and standards”, he continues. “Because it is used in extreme conditions - in all weathers, on the high seas - the labels and certifications listen very carefully.”


Fons: “In collaboration with the highly skilled R&D department of Exalto Wiper Technologies in the Netherlands, we are currently working on the development of a product whose underlying hardware and software is revolutionary. The Decca Wiper will soon be able to go on for longer, with variable speeds adjustable during the stroke. Based on a totally new concept, with a smooth and whisper-quiet drive!”

Welcome addition

A straight-line wiper has the characteristic of moving from left to right and back again. This is in contrast to the pendulum/pantograph wiper, which is driven from a single point. “This also makes the Decca wiper a welcome addition to Exalto Wiper Technologies' product range”, says Fons.

Important building block

The development of the wiper and the ambitions of the R&D department go hand in hand, Fons explains. “Meanwhile, a state-of-the-art laboratory is also part of R&D at the location in Hardinxveld-Giessendam. There, all necessary tests can be carried out with the new wiper systems! The test center is an important element in the success of the R&D department.”

Maritime exhibition

Fons, concludes: “We will present our new wiper in 2024 at SMM, the leading international maritime trade fair in Hamburg. Then we will have confirmed our position in the market with Decca and my job will be done.”

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