Thirty years of safe sailing!

15 November 2022

baltic boot

Decca Wiper was ‘born’ in 1992. Thirty years of safe sailing through sub-zero conditions, heavy rain, snow blizzards and other extreme weather conditions: Decca Wiper has held the oceans safe!


During those thirty years, Decca Wiper has undergone a steady development: from a prototype to a widely appreciated wiper for the marine industry. From the prototype in 1992, to the redesign in 2000: from stainless steel to aluminum. From continuous improvements over the years, to the collaboration in 2022 with long-time Dutch customer Exalto Wiper Technologies.

Increase market share

The Exalto portfolio of pantograph wipers and control systems compliment Decca’s same expertise within straight-line wipers. This allows the two companies to increase their market share worldwide. The new company in Norway is now called Exalto Decca Wiper Technologies AS.

In the timeline video you can see our more details of the thirty years of Decca Wiper!

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