Imtra Corporation & Decca Wiper: “True partners”

19 December 2022

Decca Wiper - nate Cabral Imtra Corporation

Decca Wiper is represented in the United States by Imtra Corporation. A Marine Supplies Store from New Bedford, Massachusetts. Nate Cabral is responsible for commercial sales at Imtra. He prefers to speak of partners, rather than supplier-distributor.


“IMTRA started in 1952,” Nate explains. “Initially, we mainly oriented ourselves to the recreational market. Since 2005, we have made a strong effort to grow our business with commercial applications."


Nate: “We started looking for companies that were not yet represented in the USA. In doing so, we aimed to keep expanding our database. Our VP of Commercial Sales, Alex Larsen’s family is originally from Norway. Speaking the language and understanding the cultural background was a logical bridge to partner with them!”


“We have been doing business since 2007,” Nate continues. “To complete satisfaction! The quality of the wipers is undisputed. Installation is easy and Decca Wiper’s delivery times are sharp. The production schedule is consistent, and the staff are very knowledgeable. In short: we see them as a reliable partner!”

Commercial shipping

Decca’s wipers are used exclusively for commercial applications. “For different vessels: many towboats, but we see an increase among crew transfer vessels (CTVs). We supply throughout the USA and Canada. Due to the presence of many shipyards, there is a good amount of off-take in the Gulf of Mexico and the market in the Northeast of the US is continuing to grow.”

Good quality

Nate: “The reason Decca Wiper’s products are particularly used on commercial vessels has to do with the larger window sizes. In addition, the wipers look more professional.” Nate concludes with a pithy description of their relationship with Decca Wiper: “They supply high-quality products; delivery times are super, and communication is very smooth. We are very happy with our partnership!”

For a full list of our distributors worldwide, please check our website.

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