Skansi continued collaboration with Decca

8  March 2024

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Johan Sigurd Fjallsá is Head of Technical Department at Skansi Offshore. PSV’s are the foundation of their operation and meet the highest standards. The vessels are all modern and carry state-of-the-art equipment. Johan has been with the company for over fifteen years and has extensive experience in the field.


It is important for Skansi to always operate the best vessels available to meet the demands of their clients.

Satisfaction with performance

Skansi Offshore has recently continued its collaboration with Decca Wiper. Johan: “Absolutely. I was familiar with Decca Wiper from a previous employer and knew about their ease of use and simple control systems. When I joined Skansi, we had already installed Decca on one of our vessels, and we’ve been using it for fifteen years on that ship. We recently replaced it, and we chose Decca again because of our satisfaction with its performance and the ability to keep the same operating system.”

Function seamlessly

“We have five ships in our fleet, and we’ve encountered different systems on various vessels”, says Johan. “The Decca systems are very straightforward, with easy operating systems that meet our needs for simplicity and reliability. With Decca, we’ve been able to function seamlessly and have ready access to spare parts and updates, which is essential for our operations.”

 Longevity and durability

It’s interesting to hear Johan talk about the longevity and durability of Decca products. Johan: “Generally, you expect about ten years from wipers, but we’ve seen Decca systems last for fifteen years, which is quite impressive. They’ve been used under extreme weather conditions, which speaks volumes about their durability.” 

Good prices

Johan: “When we compared different systems, we looked at costs as well. Decca offers good prices without compromising on quality. We’ve had a good experience with the supplier in Bergen – everything does what it’s supposed to do. When we need spare parts, they’re delivered quickly, and the service is excellent.”

User-friendly and straightforward

“We are looking to equip our other ships with Decca. Their system is user-friendly and straightforward, which we value highly. The simplicity and reliability make it an easy choice for us.” Johan adds: “The electrical components are all assembled in a way that makes them easily accessible for maintenance. This is essential for us to ensure smooth operations. Even the stainless steel on the old systems still looks new after fifteen years. The easy electrical connecting system is simple to dismantle when needed.” 

Johan concludes: “We’re constantly on the lookout for reliable, cost-effective solutions, and Decca fits the bill perfectly!”

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