Wiper and control systems

Decca Wiper designs, manufactures and delivers reliable robust wiper and control systems for all ship categories.

Modern shipbuilding takes full account of visibility requirements. Larger wheelhouses with an omnidirectional view are part of this trend. As a result, there is an increase in window area that must be kept clear in all weather conditions. With unique technical design features and built with only high quality materials,  straight line wipers from Decca Wiper meet the demand for efficient and reliable wiper operation in extreme weather conditions; heavy rain, storm conditions, sleet – and even snow!

The straight line wiper systems are operated from a control panel, typically mounted with good access from the operator’s position. From the control panel the wiper/groups are switched on and off, and the wiper speed and intermittent settings are adjusted.

  • Suitable for all ship categories
  • Robust and smart design
  • Cleans up to 90% of the window
  • Fully adjustable wiper arm
  • Stroke length up to 350 cm
  • Voltage: AC (110/220V) or DC (24V)
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Variable speed and intermittent
  • Automatic parking function
  • Heated wiper casing
  • Optional water spray with air purge
  • Optional dual arm setup

First prototype in 1992

The current range of Decca Wiper products is a result of more than two decades of experience in designing and manufacturing durable wiper systems for harsh environments.

Today, Decca Wiper is recognized all over the world for reliable and wellproven mechanical solutions combined with advanced electronics and user friendly control systems.

Decca Wiper - General Brochure

Decca Wiper - User Manual - Atla

Decca Wiper - User Manual - Odin

Decca Wiper - User Manual - Thor

Decca Wiper - User Manual - Rán

Technical features

Fits All Window Shapes

The straight line wiper unit stroke length can be set to any distance from 45cm (17.7″) to 350cm (137.8″). The wiper blades range from 40cm (15.7″) to 100cm (39.4″) and the wiper arm length can be adjusted to fit the window on site. 

For tall windows, an additional wiper can be installed below the window frame, increasing the wiped area by up to 100 percent. For wide windows, the wiper unit can be equipped with an extra arm and wiper blade. A dual arm setup also allows for a longer combined stroke length compared to the standard unit, and can also be set to cover two adjacent windows.

Customized Control

The straight line wiper control system is individually adapted to meet the relevant requirements for each vessel. The control panel can operate up to five wiper groups, and up to five water spray zones. Each wiper group can consist of any number of wiper units. Each water spray zone controls a water valve (and an optional air purge valve).

Decca Wiper supplies three main basis models:

  • ATLA Controller Series (50 wipers / 5 groups / 5 spray zones)
  • ODIN Controller Series (100 wipers / 5 groups / 5 spray zones)
  • THOR Controller Series (50 wipers / 5 groups / 4 spray zones)

Material quality

High Quality Materials

Decca Straight Line Wiper Systems are built using only high quality materials and are produced in our factory in Norway where they have undergone continuous development and testing. The Decca wiper systems also uses a smart design, with a minimum number of moving parts.

  • Main structure: Corrosion resistant anodized aluminium
  • Wiper arm: Stainless steel (316L)
  • Track rollers: Hardened polyamide
  • Driving belt: Reinforced polyurethane
  • All other parts: 316L or corrosion resistant anodized aluminium

Unique Cable Connector

The waterproof (IP67) cable connection system is a unique feature with Decca straight line wiper systems. This allows the cable to be connected or disconnected from the wiper unit within seconds. Combined with the easily accessible wiper fixing brackets, it takes less than five minutes to detach a wiper unit from the bulkhead. Simple maintenance work that would otherwise take several hours due to poor working conditions on site can be efficiently executed indoors for your convenience.

Options & enhancements

Water Spray Systems

Decca straight line wipers can be equipped with an optional water spray system that consists of 12mm OD piping and nozzles, all in stainless steel (316L). The water spray system can be installed onto the wiper mounting brackets, or directly onto the bulkhead.

Air Purge Systems

To prevent trapped water from freezing inside the water spray piping at sub zero temperatures, the Decca wipers can be equipped with an air purge system. The straight line wiper system comprises two solenoid valves and an electronic valve controller with a programmable timer function incorporated in the ECM. Air is supplied from the ship’s compressed air system.

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