‘Decca Wiper delivers reliable wipers’

7 March 2023


John Skille is chief engineer on board of the Trollfjord. One of the ships in Hurtigruten’s fleet. These ‘mail boats’ sail a rough route (trip) along the Norwegian coast: good windscreen wipers are a must. They use Decca Wiper exclusively and are very satisfied with the products and service!


Hurtigruten literally means ‘the fast route’ in Norwegian. This 'Coast Express' has been a Norwegian ferry and transport service for more than a hundred years. During the twelve-day round trip from Bergen to Kirkenes, it calls at a total of 34 ports. Hurtigruten has always been publicly subsidized. The fleet consists of fourteen ships. The mail ships carry both cargo and passengers, the expedition ships carry only passengers.

Norwegian nature

The MS Trollfjord is a tribute to Norwegian nature. The interior of the ship reflects locally sourced natural materials, such as wood and stone and the beauty of the fjords. The style is classic, timeless, and unique. Details and decorations evoke a sense of nostalgia, referring to the golden age of exclusive sailing on small ships.

Rough weather

John: “What is special about this ship, is that it faces special circumstances in the north of Norway. The nature is quite rough there and the ship suffers a lot of bad weather all year round. The Trollfjord is built for these conditions and needs reliable equipment.” He continues: “That’s why we use Decca wipers. They are reliable and provide good visibility in bad weather!”

Good service

“In December, a windscreen wiper broke down” says John. "Roy Åge Tuv from Decca Wiper provided a replacement in a very short time. He delivered the wiper himself and wanted to make sure everything worked perfectly. Therefore, he tested it before going home. This was late in the evening, after working hours. He delivered really good work and good service!”


John: “We were impressed that it was resolved so quickly! Decca came to us, meeting us according to our timeline at the port where the Trollfjord docked. As a result, the parts were delivered quickly. Decca Wiper stands out in that! Moreover, communication was well taken care of. Decca wipers are easy to maintain and offer good quality that face the weather challenges we meet.”


John recommends Decca Wiper: “They reply quickly and are really helpful. The ship had a break, lay idle, and was repaired within this period. When we got back on board, we were able to continue. Our electrician was also very impressed by how ‘plug and play’ the Decca Wiper system is. He said: “It is by far the easiest system I’ve ever mounted. It only took three minutes!” “That says it all, I think,” John concludes.

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