Roy Åge Tuv meeting customers 

12 May 2023


Decca Wiper has a forward-thinking attitude and keeps developing. Roy Åge Tuv has been with Decca Wiper for almost two years now and he travels a lot. Not just to sell the products (which are fantastic, by the way), but above all to build up a solid relationship and get to know the customer and his business better. Decca Wiper is not looking for the quick deal, but is there to be the reliable specialist for the long term. One that the customer really can turn to.



As a business we operate in a niche market. We have specialised products that are suitable for a limited number of customers all over the world. It is therefore important to have a good understanding of each other. Roy: "Frequent travel to meet customers in person is very important in this process. In practice, most of the time is spent on the road within Europe, but it's not as if Decca's borders stop there. In Roy's words: "We are confident that the quality, service and expertise of Decca Wipers can be of benefit to many parties all over the globe". Decca Wipers is going further out into the world!

The human touch

Roy: "When I visit a customer, it's all about the dialogue, not even a sales pitch. It is this human interaction that really makes the difference in my opinion. Of course, a lot can be arranged by email or phone: the price of a product can be passed on in no time at all". In Roy's view, maintaining a customer relationship is much more complex: "Of course it's nice to have a low price, but it's also about reliability, quality, longevity, honesty and the willingness to invest time in someone when it's needed. A customer has a lot more to gain from a party that really understands what is important to them and what is not, or what problems they are having".

Exchange of information

A meeting of this kind is not a one-way street, either. A face-to-face conversation benefits both parties. Roy: "It gives me information about their work, the circumstances and any developments, which in turn is of benefit to me. Conversely, the client finds it easier to express his wishes and tell me what matters. After we met, digital communication immediately becomes much easier and more personal. How personal can vary from country to country and from company to company, of course. But that is something you take back with you from all those trips. It is a sign of your willingness to invest time and effort in the other person. That will eventually lead to a lasting relationship. We will also be honest if Decca Wiper cannot offer something. In the future, that initial contact may be the reason we enter a relationship with new developments.

Interested in meeting in person? Get in touch and we promise to invest time and energy!

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